Why have I won NLP Practitioner of the Year 2017?

inFertile Life Event
Fertile Life Event – Sneak Peek
14th November 2017
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What is your Fertility Plan B?
1st December 2017
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Why have I won NLP Practitioner of the Year 2017?

NLP awards

NLP awards

Last week I attended the International Coaching Awards and was awarded NLP Practitioner of the Year 2017 for my work supporting people in their fertility journey!

NLP awards

NLP Awards

Even though I have been through my own challenging fertility journey for the last 17 years, and been always open about it, raising awareness and supporting others in their challenges, it was only recently that I decided to take this role more seriously, take the NLP diploma and put this goal ahead of other professional goals.

And since I made this decision, things have moved very quickly!

In 2017, I graduated from the NLP Diploma, started the company inFertile Life, published 3 books and 1 diary, launched the online course, ran the first event, and a few meet ups, grew to 3000 followers in social media, established collaboration with other clinics and businesses in the field, nationally and internationally. And of course, always allowing 10% of pro bono work for those who wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. Support in fertility journey should be available to everyone, regardless of which stage of the journey people are.

This time last year, inFertile Life was just a goal, now it’s a reality. And it’s helping more people than I could have hoped for.

I feel blessed for having this opportunity of supporting others in something that is so important, that is about love, connection and growing a family.

That is about their relationship with themselves as well as others.

The award reassured me that I’m working in the right direction and the foundation I have built this year will help inFertile Life grow even more and support.

Using my clinical skills I help you identify your fertility goal, and then look at where you are right now in terms of medical circumstances, lifestyle and emotions. Once we know where you are and where you want to go, I help you identify options that are available to you. NLP plays an important role here, opening your mind to alternative plans you hadn’t thought of and helping you cope with emotions. Finally, out of these options, you choose the one that suits you best and we carry on working together with a detailed plan that increases your chances of success in that journey.

If you’d like to know more, do get in touch!

Andreia Trigo

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