Why Choose Wellbeing Support?

Balance Body, Mind and Soul

We get so used to our busy lifestyles that we don’t notice our body is out of balance and using all energy reserves in that process. Whether you are trying to cope with involuntary childlessness or you need to regain balance in your body, mind and soul.

Goal Setting

Achieving our dreams is only possible when we clearly identify what we want. If you are trying to cope with involuntary childlessness, the wellbeing support will help you with identify your goals and establish a detailed plan to achieve them.

Physical Activity

Being physically active will help you regain balance in your body, mind and soul. Whether it’s walking, running, dancing, swimming or yoga we will help you establish an exercise program that will help you achieve your goals.

Managing Stress

Coping with childlessness after infertility comes with a rollercoaster of emotions that might be difficult to manage on your own. We provide useful techniques to manage stress, anxiety, worry, depression and other states that keep you from being at your best.

Improving Health

Unhealthy lifestyles can take away your energy and cause several illnesses. We help you improve areas of your health that can make you feel better about your body and mind.

Support and Motivation

Every journey is different, and it can take a while until you feel at peace with where you are in life. We provide the support you need, to create motivation, direction, confidence and perseverance.

Nutrition Strategies

What we eat impacts on the way our body and mind works. We will give you the strategies you need to improve your diet and feel emotionally and physically better.


Certain habits like smoking, drinking, sleep patterns amongst others affect your overall health and wellbeing. We help you manage these habits so you can have more energy and and improved health.

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