The secret to NOT getting what you want (and getting something even better)

16th August 2017
What is your Fertility Plan B?
What is your Plan B?
18th August 2017
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The secret to NOT getting what you want (and getting something even better)

Meaningful life - inFertile Life

Meaningful life - inFertile Life

A lot of times in life, we say we want something and we don’t get it. We get frustrated and upset.

Despite our efforts, small or big, we are certain that what we want is what’s best for us, and we get frustrated when we are faced with a reality that is very different. This is what happens when we are faced with infertility. We struggle to understand why things have to be difficult for us. We don’t contemplate the thought that maybe, different might be better…and that not getting what we want, when we want it and the way we want it, is sometimes a big stroke of luck!

But let’s go by parts.

First we have a goal, maybe a fertility goal, and have an idea of how that might happen.

Secondly we make some effort (big or small to achieve our goal).

But for some reason we don’t achieve that goal in the timing or the way we had planned. We get stressed, anxious, frustrated. These destructive feelings impair our judgement and our ability to be at our best and come up with an alternative plan. We are now at risk of being stuck in a vicious cycle of frustration/stress/anxiety and impaired action. This is way too common in people facing fertility challenges.

So I’m going to share with you a secret… This is the secret to NOT getting what you want, but getting something even better instead. The secret is surrendering. By surrendering I mean establishing your goal, for example “my goal is to experience motherhood and feel unconditional love“, having a plan to achieve it, doing everything that takes to get it, but being OPEN to what the Universe might give you. It’s sort of like saying “my goal is to experience motherhood and feel unconditional love. I would like to get pregnant but I am open to other ways of achieving that goal that the Universe might be willing to offer me. I know that whatever happens, I will be ok and happy”. When you reach this point, of absolute certainty that the Universe will find the best way for you to achieve your goal and be happy, you won’t feel anxiety, you won’t feel stress or  frustration, and there is nothing that can shaken your peace.

Be open to getting something even better than you can possible imagine!

Andreia Trigo

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