The 5 reasons why some people never achieve what they want

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27th July 2017
16th August 2017
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The 5 reasons why some people never achieve what they want

I have always been a high achiever.  I always felt this strong motive to achieve whatever I set myself to.

I’m not sure if it’s genetic predisposition, or learned behaviour but I do remember a special moment that turned that switch on. I was 17 years old, suffering and trying to cope with my recent diagnosis of infertility. Sitting in bed, crying, I felt a strength inside me and a voice came out of me saying “if I can overcome this, there’s nothing in life that I won’t be able to accomplish”. In that moment, felt this decision so strongly that it became part of me, part of my new identity. In that second I made the commitment to a life of happiness, success, prosperity and fulfilment. This new identity went on to shape several aspects of my personal and professional life, and until today when I establish a goal, I don’t stop until I succeed.

So lately, I’ve been thinking about why some people do achieve what they want, whilst others never seem to get there. Let me ask you this question. How many times do you think most people try before giving up on a goal? Two, three, four? The truth is most people don’t try even once! Most people have a vague idea of a perfect endpoint but lack clarity and focus. They don’t want to lose time coming up with a plan, and even less follow through with that plan. And some people who do plan, don’t bother measuring the results they’re getting with that plan or adjusting it. And others just lack congruence, they say they want something but their actions are not in line with what they say.

Whether you are trying to be successful in your fertility journey, or in having a healthy diet, breaking up a habit, or having a more active lifestyle – if you are not getting the results you want or expect, examine what you are doing and notice if you are meeting any of the 5 reasons below that might be keeping you from moving forward:

  1. Lack of clarity and focus
  2. Lack of a plan
  3. Lack of follow through
  4. Lack of measure and adjustment
  5. Lack of congruence (thoughts and actions)

For some people, finding clarity and focus, coming up with a plan, keeping motivation to follow through, measure and adjust or even notice incongruence might not come easily. This is where fertility coaching can be useful: it will help you make sure you are following the success formula and increasing your chances of achieving your desired outcome. If you want to know more, check our website and schedule a free initial consultation here


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