23rd August 2018

My lifestyle is making me infertile

My lifestyle is making me infertile   This year we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of IVF! Forty years ago, Louise Brown was born and became known as the first test-tube baby. What seemed like a miracle back then, is […]
20th August 2018

Unexplained Infertility: treatment options

Unexplained Infertility: treatment options A diagnosis of unexplained infertility can be challenging and heartbreaking. Facing not being able to meet our reproductive goals and not having an indication of how to improve our chances. In a recent study, a team […]
17th August 2018

PCOS, Inofolic and Fertility

PCOS, Inofolic and Fertility   What is PCOS? In PCOS the ovaries are bigger and have many tiny cysts that contain immature eggs. It affects between 5-10% of women.   Hormone imbalance PCOS causes a woman’s body to produce higher-than-normal […]
9th August 2018

Can lack of sleep affect egg quality?

Can lack of sleep affect egg quality and fertility? You may be wondering why we are writing an article on sleep and egg quality/fertility and whether there is a relationship between the two. The truth is our bodies respond to […]