So this was 2018…what can I expect of 2019?

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7th October 2018
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So this was 2018…what can I expect of 2019?

Accomplishments 2018

Accomplishments 2018

So this was 2018… what can I expect of 2019?

For the last 3 years things have been different. I started on a journey of living life with purpose, of rediscovering myself.


And every year I set goals that I would like to achieve. During the year I work hard, I stick to the plan but keep it flexible enough to allow changes. I never question the goal but keep an open heart and open mind to different ways that may take me where I want to go.


So I can say that it has become somewhat of a tradition to reflect on my journey at the end of each year and think about what can I do the following year to continue living a life of purpose.


For the last few years I kept the goal of living in peace, love, joy and gratitude, no matter what challenges life brings. This is what I remind myself of everyday and I continued doing so throughout 2018. I always say that no matter how good the year was, I want the next one to be even better, to grow more, to give more, to challenge myself more, to live more.


What happened in 2018

So this year that has just ended wasn’t any different in that regard and looking back I am quite astonished by what I accomplished.


⭐️ This was the year I did my TEDx

⭐️ This was the year I got engaged 

⭐️ This was the year I got a home

⭐️ This was the year I stopped full time employment and went full on my life mission at inFertile Life

⭐️ This was the year I created the Enhanced Fertility Programme 

⭐️ This was the year I won two awards for my work helping infertile people

⭐️ This was the year I got to work with fertility clinics in the UK and abroad

⭐️ This was the year I was on TV, Radio, magazines raising awareness of infertility 

⭐️ This was the year I visited 13 cities in 7 different countries

Accomplishments 2018

And all of this wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t, a year ago, reflected and made the commitment to grow as a human being, to deepen my relationship with Frank and to focus on my life mission of helping infertile people.

My honest and true connection with myself and with my partner powered all our achievements. Because none of this would have been possible without each other.

And my desire to make a difference in the lives of so many who are suffering with infertility wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t allow myself the vulnerability of touching my own wound, of being open to listen, to understand people’s needs. Because my fulfilment comes from helping them find theirs as they navigate their fertility journeys, as they rediscover themselves and as they build the families of their dreams.


What will I commit to in 2019?

I feel extremely blessed for everything I have accomplished and the people I have reached. So the question is, what do I want to do in 2019? How can I take this to the next level?


One thing is certain, I am still committed to being in a state of peace, love, joy and gratitude. 

To those who know me well, will know family is everything to me. So as always, I am committed to being a loving and dedicated daughter, granddaughter, sister and family member. In that sense I am also committed to continue growing, loving and walking side by side with Frank and taking the next step as Mr&Mrs.

Regarding work life, I am committed to growing inFertile Life and being the expert to go to in terms of emotional support and health improvement for fertility.

And as always giving back to society, creating moments of magic and making a difference in other people’s lives.

To an amazing 2019, full of peace, love, joy and gratitude!

Andreia Trigo RN BSc MSc


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