Emotional Freedom


The prospect of facing a life without children is all-consuming, challenging and devastating. It may be that you are faced with involuntary childlessness, because:

  • you’ve received treatments that weren’t successful
  • or you have a certain age and due to life events it just never happened
  • or maybe you simply want to get on with life despite infertility…

inFertile Life Emotional Freedom is for you!

I know you have probably been suffering for a while, you have let this situation affect your identity, your relationship with others, your social life, your work. You think about it every day, several times a day, you want to break free but you don’t know how to…

With inFertile Life Emotional Freedom, I will personally guide you through an evidence based formula that can make you feel better about yourself, that will give you the tools you can use when you face those daily challenges that trigger sadness or depression. You will be able to cope with the losses, and have a fulfilling life. You will gain a new perspective and be able to enjoy life more, you will discover a new you! Give it a try today!

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