Dealing with infertility and childlessness can be a very lonely journey, so at inFertile Life we prepared different solutions to help you move forward and achieve your goals.


  • One-to-One sessions: for people who have been recently diagnosed, to help you make sense of all the thoughts going through your mind.
  • inFertile Life Increased Chancesfor people who want to be in control of fertility challenges and increase their chances of either natural conception, assisted conception, surrogacy or adoption.
  • inFertile Life Emotional Freedom: for people who want to cope with involuntary childlessness, maybe due to life events, or maybe fertility treatments that didn’t work, or maybe if you just want to get on with life.
  • inFertile Life Event: the networking event where you learn and apply on the day all the strategies to help you move forward. Experiential knowledge is Power!

All programmes are evidence based and prepared to give you the extra personalised and individual help you need to make your goals a reality.

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