Not another fertility diet…

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Not another fertility diet…

When we are faced with infertility, it’s common to search online for clues on what we can do to improve our chances. We become so obsessed with what we need to do differently, that the changes take over our lives, from the moment we wake up, to what we eat, and drink, the exercise we do, the habits we have, the underwear we use, when and how we have sex… It is overwhelming the amount of changes we need to do, and quickly our levels of stress increase.

When we talk about diet we can read things like: broccoli, red peppers, spinach, and carrots to avoid sluggish sperm; garlic for sperm motility and to increase blood flow to sexual organs; asparagus for sperm volume; meat, dairy, bread and cereal for sperm quantity; brazil nuts, fish, meat and eggs for sperm shape and movement; stay away from cold foods, alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods when your period starts to flow; avoid alcohol, coffee, meat and processed foods in the follicular phase and ovulation because it makes the cervical mucus too thick and hostile to sperm; during luteal phase, eat warm foods and stews and stay away from raw food. This is a small list of all the information that is available when you google “fertility diet”, but it’s enough to stress everyone who is trying to conceive! It’s not only a never ending source of information, but by the end, we end up more confused than when we started, without an actual plan of what we can eat! A journey that was supposed to be natural, calm, joyful, turns out to be a rollercoaster of stress, anxiety, worry and hope.

My proposal is that we go back to basics. Our energy comes from all the cells in our body, that work 24/7 to keep it functioning. It makes sense that we give our cells what they need, so that our body works well, without stress and maximum energy. There was a study a few years ago that showed that cells could actually live forever if given:

  • Oxygen
  • Water
  • Nutrients
  • The ability to dispose waste produced in the metabolism

With that in mind, what can we eat to help regulate and maintain our bodily functions?

The answer is simple. We need to drink plenty of water and eat food that is in its natural form as far as possible. When we eat processed food, our cells need to waste energy to decompose that processed food into usable nutrients, and that’s energy that we won’t be able to use for other bodily functions. So eating 70% live foods in our diet makes sense!


Making the right combination of food groups in each meal also makes a difference as it ensures the best digestion of nutrients. Choosing not to, puts strain on our digestive system. Proteins and carbs should never be combined, whereas leafy, green salads can be eaten with any protein, carb or fat. Fruits should be eaten by themselves. And we should avoid fats with protein as they inhibit the digestion of proteins.


Bearing these basic rules in mind, makes it easier to keep eating what we are used to eating and just adjust the combinations of what we’re eating. This takes of the pressure and reduces stress, contributing for a fertile body and fertile mind.

Andreia Trigo

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