inFertile Life Event 11th November 2017 – book now!

The cause of my pain is rarely the source of my pain
25th March 2017
Making a decision takes one second…
28th March 2017
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inFertile Life Event 11th November 2017 – book now!



The journey of infertility and childlessness can often be very lonely. Noticing the importance of networking to overcome the same challenges, we created the inFertile Life Event!

You will learn the strategies and tools to move forward in your journey. You will also get an extra boost of energy, confidence and happiness, amongst people who share the same challenges and concerns. It’s an experience unlike any other where transformational change takes place! We often hear that “Knowledge is Power” but that couldn’t be more far from the truth, otherwise we’d be ok just using Google! In fact, “Experiential knowledge is Power”! It’s when you do things and participate that you learn and gain the Power within you! At inFertile Life events, you will learn how to transform several aspects of your life from health, emotions, and relationships, to your life’s purpose. You will also learn how to break free from your fears and self-limiting beliefs so you can feel empowered. You will create momentum to overcome life challenges easily. And you will retune your focus and energy into amazing relationships, with yourself and others.

Don’t miss this opportunity, book now!

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