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13th December 2017

(in)Fertility: Coping with Social Interactions over Christmas

Every fertility journey is different. For some people, pregnancy doesn't come as easily and what should be a lovely and happy time in life turns into a rollercoaster of emotions that is difficult to manage.

When we are in this journey, social interactions can be particularly difficult, as we see co-workers, friends and family getting pregnant and having babies. Over Christmas, these social interactions can be even more difficult, with catch ups with people we haven't seen in a long while and several reminders everywhere of children, gifts and the magic of the season.

During this Meetup, we will talk about how you can deal with social interactions in this time of year, in a way that acknowledges your needs and the needs of others, so you can feel strong and confident that you can face whatever unexpected social situation occurs. Join us today!

17th January 2018

New Year resolutions for your fertility journey

Every fertility journey is different. For some people, pregnancy doesn't come as easily and lasts longer than expected.

During this Meetup we'll talk about new year resolutions for your fertility journey.

It's true that if we are not getting the results we want with a certain plan, we need to adjust the plan.
So what is it that you can do to improve your fertility plan?
Join us to find out!
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21st February 2018

(in)Fertility: Healthy Lifestyles

With stressful jobs, commuting and eating on the go, we go through life demanding so much of our bodies and yet expecting that our bodies can cope.

The truth is sometimes our bodies are so busy responding to our demand and trying to maintain the balance that we can't do something that should come naturally: getting pregnant.

During this Meetup we'll talk about lifestyle choices and how we can help our body create good quality eggs and sperm, create the best possible environment for embryo implantation and take a pregnancy to term.

Join us today!

21st March 2018

Keeping the Relationship Alive in your Fertility Journey

Every fertility journey should be one of hope and happiness, of connection with your partner and family growth.
However, when we face fertility challenges, we go through a rollercoaster of emotions that can be difficult to manage.

Our relationship with our partner suffers and we find ourselves disconnected from the person we love.
How can we keep the relationship alive during this journey?

Join us to find out!

11th April 2018

(in)Fertility: Managing the Rollercoaster of Emotions

Every fertility journey is different but one thing is certain: the rollercoaster of emotions it brings. Either shock, denial, sadness, depression, resentment, anger, guilt...

During this Meetup we'll talk about your emotions, why you feel the way you do and how you can manage your feelings and feel more balanced.

Using CBT, NLP and logotherapy techniques you'll feel more in tune with yourself and more in control of your fertility journey.

Join us to find out!

9th June 2018

Your Fertility Journey

During this 1 day workshop you will learn how to transform several aspects of your life from health, emotions, and relationships, so you can move forward in your fertility journey.

You will learn:

- About medical circumstances that might be affecting your fertility
- How to cope with the rollercoaster of emotions in this journey
- What options are availble for your unique situation
- How you can improve your chances in your fertility plan

Don’t miss this opportunity. Register today!
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