Coping With Infertility: a year on, where am I?

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23rd April 2018
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5th May 2018
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Coping With Infertility: a year on, where am I?

Facebook highlighted today that this was my memory from a year ago, I watched the video and got emotional. Acceptance of infertility is a journey that takes time. And a year ago I took an important step in that direction.

The video was recorded 1 year ago, on my third day attending the UPW event with Tony Robbins. This was Transformation Day, and it certainly created big change within me.

Watching the video where I made the commitment to honour my infertility journey, and looking where I am today, a year after, with an organisation that is helping so many other people in this journey, with several books written and others on the way, a TEDx talk and an award as NLP Coach of 2017. And most importantly living with peace, gratitude and love. I feel blessed.

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