Can Self Compassion Help Us Cope With Infertility?

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8th May 2018
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Can Self Compassion Help Us Cope With Infertility?

Can Self Compassion Help Us Cope With Infertility?

I follow The Centre for Healthy Minds which is an organisation that does research on how we can have healthier minds! Some of this research has to do with mindfulness, gratitude, compassion and I use a lot of these strategies at inFertile Life.

Today I was reading their article on self compassion and it resonated with me. We all go through struggles, not only fertility challenges but other challenges in life, thinking we are not good enough, or that we’re not doing enough, or that we are not loved etc

“Respond to your pain with the same type of kindness you would show to a friend you cared about… we’re often harsher and more unforgiving of ourselves than anyone else in our lives.” Kristin Neff

I encourage you to read the full article here. I have also recorded their self compassion break and made it available for you here. Hope you enjoy!

A Self Compassion Break

Andreia Trigo RN BSc MSc

Fertility Nurse Consultant | NLP Coach of 2017 | TEDx Speaker

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