5th May 2018
Egg collection - inFertile Life

Egg collection: what does it involve?

Egg Collection: what does it involve? The natural reproductive cycle implies the release of an egg from one of the ovaries each month. However, during an IVF cycle, the ovaries are stimulated with medication to produce as many eggs as […]
30th April 2018

Coping With Infertility: a year on, where am I?

Facebook highlighted today that this was my memory from a year ago, I watched the video and got emotional. Acceptance of infertility is a journey that takes time. And a year ago I took an important step in that direction. […]
23rd April 2018

Practical Strategies to Develop Acceptance

#NIAW National Infertility Awareness Week is finally here! And with it #WeAreWorthySummit – a week long of talks on #infertility Don’t miss my webinar today at 11:00 am (London Time) on Practical Strategies to develop acceptance. Register free at
23rd April 2018
inFertile Life EmbryoGlue

What is EmbryoGlue and can it help you conceive?

When we are trying to conceive and pursuing assisted conception, there are a lot of factors that can affect our success rates. From our own mindset and ability to control the rollercoaster of emotions, to our physical health and nutrition, […]