17th February 2017

1 in 5000

I share an office with radiologists at the hospital. I couldn’t help over hear a conversation about an MRI. What grabbed my attention was their lack of knowledge regarding gynaecological anatomy. The MRI showed a malformed uterus, a short vagina […]
13th February 2017

I am entitled to my pain so don’t you dare try making me feel good!

In my journey of helping people facing pain or fertility challenges I have met a lot of people, with similar conditions but who have such different experiences and results. Some people look at the glass half full, focus on what […]
10th February 2017

Emotional flooding

For those days you might be feeling a bit low, try this technique to change your frame of mind in 5 minutes! You’ll need a pen and paper 🙂 [youtube]
9th February 2017

inFertile Life 11th November 2017

Really exciting news! I have 50 tickets to give away for free, so email me to claim yours! 🙂 The event of a life time!