16th August 2017


14th August 2017

The 5 reasons why some people never achieve what they want

I have always been a high achiever.  I always felt this strong motive to achieve whatever I set myself to. I’m not sure if it’s genetic predisposition, or learned behaviour but I do remember a special moment that turned that […]
27th July 2017

Podcast “Fertility treatments abroad: Spain”

Podcast “Fertility treatments abroad: Spain” Talking to BarcelonaIVF Check the live podcast here:  #infertility #fertility #ivf #ttc #fertilitycoach
17th July 2017

Grieving infertility

Grieving the loss of the child you never had is natural in infertility. But ensure this grieving is working for you, rather than against you. If you find that the grieving process takes up a substantial portion of time and […]