11th October 2017
What is your Fertility Plan B?

What is your Fertility Plan B?

  Sometimes our reproductive plans don’t go as easily as we expected and we need to open our minds to an alternative way of achieving our goal. What is your Fertility Plan B? How can NLP Coaching help you? NLP […]
7th October 2017
inFertile Life - is egg donation a possible fertility plan B for you?

Egg Donation: Can it be your fertility plan B?

Sometimes the journey of fertility is not as straight forward as we’d like it to be, and we have to open our minds to other ways of pursuing motherhood and parenthood. Egg Donation is a fertility approach that can be […]
5th October 2017

Male same-sex couples: what fertility options are available?

    The journey of parenthood is available to everyone. But most of the times it is not as straightforward as we are led to believe, and couples need to open their minds to different ways of achieving that goal. […]
4th October 2017
The Fertility Canvas by Infertile Life (Andreia Trigo)

Have you planned your fertility?

  We often have a plan for our career, for our jobs and projects and we don’t plan for other very important aspects of life, like our relationships or our fertility. Planning your fertility, goes from knowing what you want, […]