About inFertile Life


inFertile Life is the mHealth organisation addressing the worldwide fertility challenge. Our Vision is to improve fertility rates worldwide at minimal cost to populations.


1 in 7 people are facing fertility challenges. We are here to change that.
We use research, clinical skills and technology to create evidence-based products with global reach. We are passionate about supporting people in their fertility journey, coping with the losses, creating alternative plans and increasing their chances of success.

Why we exist?

All of us have been affected personally by infertility or know someone who has. This is our driving force at inFertile Life.
This personal experience, combined with our research, clinical and technology knowledge is the differentiating factor that makes us stand out.

Meet the team

Meet the founder

Andreia Trigo was diagnosed with infertility at the age of seventeen. This challenging diagnosis made her go through the emotional rollercoaster of an uncertain reproductive future. However, Andreia was able to find peace and live a happy, fulfilling life. It has been her life mission to help other people achieve the same ever since. Andreia is based in London.

Andreia is:

  • Certified and Registered Specialist Nurse for over 12 years.
  • Certified and Registered NLP Coach. Awarded NLP Coach of the Year 2017.
  • TEDx “Speaker ”Coping With Infertility”.
  • Awarded Best Innovation in Business 2018.
  • Awarded E-Business of 2018.
  • Author in the area of fertility and reproductive health
  • A Local Contact (London) with Fertility Network UK
  • A Member of Fertility Nursing Forum at the Royal College of Nursing
  • A Member of Women's Health Forum at the Royal College of Nursing
  • A Member of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Specialists of Tomorrow Public Insight Group
  • A Member of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Women's Voices Involvement Panel

Recognition & Awards

Partners & Collaborations

We believe in creating partnerships and collaborations with organisations that are aligned with our vision of increasing awareness and improving fertility rates worldwide.

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