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4th January 2017
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12th January 2017
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A big enough WHY

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Just as  so many of you have shared in your comments, upon the diagnosis of infertility, I questioned my femininity, my values, my role in society, my role in a relationship. I had ups and downs and cried a lot as I struggled to find answers. It was then that a book entitled “Secrets about life every woman should know” by Barbara de Angelis changed my life forever. By reading this book, I learned how to put life events into perspective and to trust that everything is unfolding as it’s supposed to, even if at the present moment we don’t understand how or why. It was crucial in helping me shape my values. I started thinking about things people usually want like studying, getting a job, be in a relationship, get married, have kids. I noticed how society expects us to follow that path, as if we didn’t have a choice, and people do it without ever wondering if that’s what they really need to feel fulfilled and happy. I decided that I would not follow those things just because. Instead, I would follow the things for which I have a big enough WHY, things that touch my heart, fulfil me and make me happy. I also made the most important decision of my life:

“If I can overcome this, there’s nothing in life that I won’t be able to accomplish.”

As I said those words, I felt the decision so strongly inside me, it became part of me. It fuelled this fire inside that has shaped all decisions I’ve made so far, both in my private life and in my work life. Those who know me well often describe as driven. When I find a big enough WHY, I aim for the stars and incessantly work until I achieve it.

Because of that decision, I felt I had what it takes to make a difference in the world and have been able to serve so many people in different ways.

Look back and think about which way have you chosen upon the diagnosis.

What decisions have you taken in life that you believe you wouldn’t have taken if you hadn’t faced infertility? Leave your comments below.

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